Quality on-site computer repair

Techs-on-Call is an on-site computer repair company that serves eastern North Carolina. We come to your home or business and fix your computer problems. All we do is on-site computer repair, which keeps our cost competitive with the competition. We also can help you learn how to use your computer.

Techs-on-Call can fix both desktops and laptops and we specialize in virus removal. On our other services include hard drive repair, transfering documents and programs to another computer, setting up a backup for your home or office, building a new computer, upgrading your computer, and installing a basic wireless network. We can also help you with basic home theater problems. In short, we can help you with almost all of your technical problems.

For small business customers, we now offer a service which will automatically backup your office computers and allow you to share your business documents and securely through the internet. Call for more details.

For those who want the ultimate home-theater, we now build media-center PC's. A media-center PC's combines a DVR with a Blu-Ray player with all the other advantages of a computer in one package. A media-center PC works with your cable TV to record 4 HD channels at the same time. A media-center PC is never obsolete because it can always be upgraded to the latest home-theater standards. Call for more details.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Techs-on-Call is BBB certified, the only one in the Rocky Mount and Wilson area.

Techs-on-Call travels to all of Nash, Wilson, and Edgecombe counties and to eastern Wake and northern Wayne counties for residential customers and to all of Edgecombe, Johnston, Pitt, Nash, Wake, Wayne, and Wilson counties for commercial customers. Please see our prices page for more details.

Due to recent rise in gas prices, a trip fee now must be charged again. The trip fee is $5 per trip. This trip fee shall be discontinued when prices fall below $3.50/gallon for over a week.

A+ Certified. More information about A+ certification

Ongoing Specials

New Services!

We have three new services we are offering. The first is we can digitize all your old photos and store them on an 100 year archive quality DVD. We can digitize film, 35MM negatives, and slides. We can try with any other type, but results are not guaranteed.

The second is we can now digitize all you old tapes from your camcorder. However, for any type of tape other than VHS, we will require a working camcorder and cables to connect to the TV. You have the option of storing the movies on a disc playable in every camcorder or in a format that can be played on any tablet, smartphone, and computer in either a 100 year archive DVD or on a portable hard drive.

The third is can now create your own portable classic video game system that can play old Nintendo, Sega, and more. Why pay a lot for a hard to find classic NES that only plays a few games when you can pay about the same for a device that will play games from all the old classic video game systems. For these three new services, please see our prices page.

Backup Service Special

Do not put off having a backup any longer! Techs-on-Call can set up an automatic backup that is guaranteed to keep your important documents and pictures safe in case your computer dies. For more details, call us at 252-452-1874.

Hard Drive Repair Special

If you hard drive does die and you do need recover lost data off it, Techs-on-Call offers an ongoing hard drive repair service. We can get you a discount on your hard drive repair and even have coupons from time to time. For more details and an estimate on prices, view our hard drive repair page.

252-452-1874 or 919-521-5122

All work is on-site; Techs-on-Call has no shop to help keep our costs low. Call to schedule an appointment. Regular hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm. Closed Sundays and holidays.