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Techs-on-Call Prices

Call us at 252-452-1874 or 919-521-5122 to schedule an appointment or e-mail us at We come to your home at your convenience to work on your computer. We are available Monday through Friday.

Please note: Techs-on-Call does not repair broken cell-phone or tablet screens.

Also note: We do not deliberately open or view any of your documents or pictures without your permission or unless it is required to perform the work, such as verifying emails were transferred. However, if we happen to see anything illegal, such as child pornography, then we must report this to the police.

PC Services:

Prices are effective January 1, 2017.

Standard labor is for all services except for those listed below. The standard on-site labor rate is $60 per hour residential and commercial with a minimum of 1 hour. After the first hour, charges are billed by the half-hour. Charges only begin when we arrive at your home or office or when remote support actually begins except for emergency services. For emergency services in which other appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled, travel time is also billed at the standard labor rate. Trip charges apply only in special instances as defined below.

The off-site fee is the same as the hourly rate except that the charged labor is capped at 3 hours. This includes the travel time to your home or office and any time we spent on-site. Trip fees, if any, are limited to one.

Techs-on-Call accepts cash or check only except for remote support through the internet.

Techs-on-Call does not have a free diagnostic because we can perform a general diagnostic over the phone and give you an estimate of the cost.

Trip Charges: Trip charges are based on zip codes. There are two charges based on the cost of gas. When the cost of regular gas is greater than $3.25/gallon, the higher charge is in effect. We must charge a trip charge for long distances because of the time that could be spent on other customers.
27801, 27803, 27804, 27809, 27816, 27822, 27856, 27878, 27882, 27896, 27893 $0/$5 per trip
All other zip codes in Edgecombe, Halifax, Wake, Wayne, and Wilson counties $30/$40 per trip
Non-standard prices
Classic video game device: This service includes bringing the device to your home and setting it up. Please note that for legal reasons we cannot preload any of the old classic games. But we can show you how to copy the classic games to your device. Included in the price is one classic video game controller and one 6ft HDMI cable. $180
Digitize your old pictures: This service is off-site. Please put all your old pictures in a box for easy trasport. Pictures are stored on an archive quality DVD that is designed to last 100 years. $0.20/picture, minimum $40
Digitize your old movies: This service is off-site. The cost of a hard drive, if you want your movies stored on that, is extra. Movies stored on a hard drive can be played on most, but not all, of the new Blu-Ray players. Movies stored on a DVD will be stored on an archive quality DVD designed to last 100 years. $15/tape
Laptop hardware repair: This includes broken laptop screens, broken laptop keyboards, and so forth. It does not include problems with Windows and other software problems. All laptop hardware repair will require Techs-on-Call to pick up the laptop and repair it off-site. An estimate of the three most common laptop repairs are listed below. Some minor laptop repairs may be done on-site and thus billed at the on-site rate. $100 + the cost of the parts
Dark laptop screen, but an image can be seen when shining a flashlight onto the screen. $100 to $120
Broken or cracked laptop screen. $180 to $300
Damaged laptop power adapter inside the computer. $90 to $200
Backup service special: This service includes a special computer that is designed to back up your computers daily. It is meant for small offices and residential customers of 10 computers or less. Call for prices
Recover accidently deleted files: Techs-on-Call has programs that can attempt to recover any file you may have accidently deleted or any hard drive you accidently formatted. This also includes any damage to the data on the hard drive, but does not include damage to the physical hardware of the drive. This service has no guarantee of success and you will be charged whether or not we were successful in recover the files. In most instances, we will be required to take the hard drive with us before attempting to recover any data. $80
Hard drive repair: Techs-on-Call has a partnership with a hard drive repair company to give you big discounts if you need data off your dead hard drive. This does not include recovering data off a working hard drive but rather when your hard drive has completely died. Before you send your hard drive off to be repaired, call Techs-on-Call first because we do have coupons from time to time. See our hard drive repair page
Monitor recycle fee: Because hardware recycling companies charge for every monitor they take, Techs-on-Call must pass this cost on. $10 per monitor


Costs for computer hardware is not included. To help keep our costs low, we only keep parts that commonly fail on hand and most are ordered as needed. The price of hardware is always changing, so we do not know prices until we need the parts. We can get parts at better prices if you are willing to wait 2 to 5 days. Or, we can buy the parts retail and fix the problem the same day. Some parts cannot be purchased retail and must be ordered.

Techs-on-Call does not sell parts to the general public. This includes used computers. All parts are sold as part of a service and are bought retail or ordered online as needed.

Please note: A deposit is required before any parts will be ordered. The deposit is 50% of the billed cost of the part or the full cost of the part if it is less than $50.


Costs for computer software is not included. If you like, we can purchase any program your like. We can also get software at better prices too if you are willing to wait 2 or 5 days. Or we can buy the software retail.


Only labor is guaranteed. We buy name-brand products. If something goes bad we have to send it in to them for warranty. Call us and we'll gladly send the product in for warranty and get you back up and running as soon as possible. If Techs-on-Call cannot identify the problem, you do not pay. Be sure to see our Service Policies.

Unclaimed Property:

Any unclaimed property becomes the property of Techs-on-Call after 6 months. Because Techs-on-Call does perform work where we pick up your computer, we may have some of your property in our possession for a time. Techs-on-Call will make an effort to return your property to you. However, if after 6 months you do not claim your property, it will become property of Techs-on-Call. Your personal information on a computer that is unclaimed will be securely deleted.

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Prices subject to change. Last updated price: August 1, 2013.